Move In

Explanation of Move In Inspection Forms

  1. It helps to summarize for me any concerns that you may have with the condition of the apartment. (If you have immediate maintenance concerns, please contact us via email or call me by phone and leave a message. (Email is preferred unless the situation is urgent.)
  2. It serves as a record of the condition of the apartment at the beginning of your lease. There are usually a few defects in the apartment that we may be unable to address without a very expensive repair (e.g. a small burn mark in a kitchen countertop). It is important that we identify these items to protect you from charges against your security deposit at the end of your lease.

This form is very helpful to avoid confusion at the end of the lease. Please fill it out and sign it as soon as possible after you move in, and return it to us within a week. After you have filled it out, we will review the items that you have noted and then also sign it. We may need to meet with you to clarify some items. If you do not return the form to us within a week of move-in then you may forfeit the right to have one filed with your lease which may lead to forfeiture of your security deposit.