Residential Income Property Purchase and Sales

I specialize in all aspects of Residential Income property. Now what do I mean by Residential rental or Income property? I mean apartment complexes or houses being rented out by their owners or by property management companies to tenants in order to generate income. In Ithaca the most common type of income property is a former single family home that has been turned into multiple apartments on the inside. It’s hard to believe that some of these places once only housed a single family when some of them may now have 10 or more apartments within. There are also buildings that were built for and always intended to be apartment complexes and we are seeing more and more of these in recent years.  Whatever the situation may be, If you are looking to sell or purchase a rental property in Tompkins County, I’m your man.

I started my career as a salesperson at Christopher George Real Estate in Ithaca, NY. That firm specializes in buying and selling residential rental properties. While there I learned from one of the longest practicing and, without question, the best broker for sales of income property in Tompkins County. In other words, I learned from the best. I started my own company, GreenScope Properties, in 2014 and began practicing there exclusively in the latter part of 2016.