Seller’s Agency

A little bit about me

I have over 7 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, the first 3 years as a salesperson and the last 4 years as a Broker. All of my real estate experience is in the Ithaca, NY area where I have lived my entire life. I was born here at Cayuga Medical Center in 1979 and I will die here….hopefully after many, many, more years serving my community. I love Ithaca and the surrounding area. I actually grew up about 20 minutes east of Ithaca in the Town of Caroline and now live in the Hamlet of Brooktondale (located within the Town of Caroline) just 7 miles East of Ithaca. Prior to working as a real estate agent and Broker, I worked in the property rental and management business here in Ithaca starting around the age of 14. So I have been involved in real estate all of my life.

Selling your Home

Though the majority of my real estate experience is in selling residential rental real estate, I have also sold a number of homes for my clients over the years. I have the experience to help you prepare your house for sale. I know what things will increase the money you receive for your home and what things are not worth doing. I can walk you through the process of selling your home step by step and also tell you what things to watch out for as well as what expenses to expect in the process. My community connections built through a lifetime of living and working here in the Ithaca area will help you get your house sold so you can move forward with the next chapter of your life.  Let my experience help you get the most out of your house.”


I work for commission which is a percentage of the final sales price of the house. I do not get paid unless your house actually sells. There are a couple exceptions to this but they are rare. The percentage of the commission is negotiated at the time that the listing contract is signed.